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Wednesday ♥
This Lost promo is pretty darn EPIC. And Spanish. Two words that don't usually go together in my head. Anyway, I'm so proud of this it's ridiculous.
4th-Jan-2010 03:46 pm - Late
Wednesday ♥
Back from freezing my Mediterranean ass off in Switzerland (beautiful, expensive, deadly cold country) . Happy New Year to Everyone!
24th-Dec-2009 02:01 pm - Meme and presents!
Meme taken from iikrisii .She gave me four girls and four boys and I get to choose which one I'd kiss, kill, shag or marry. It's been TORTURE to decide. (Feel free to ask for boys, girls or both and I'll give you some of your own!).


David Wenham. Kill /facepalm. I rewatched the endless Australia four times for him (and for Hugh FUCKING Jackman, really). I never remember his name but when I see him I fall in love instantly. He makes me sigh like a schoolgirl- so I AM SO SORRY.

Matthew MacFayden (Pride and Prejudice version). Kiss. He can say my family lacks propriety ANYTIME. I’ve got a thing for men in tights, what can I say?

Nathan Fillion. Marry. I barely know about actors' lives or personalities (they provide a service I’m thankful for, but I would never mix their characters and their true persona). Nathan, however, is funny, witty, sarcastic, nice and OH GOD he’s hot. I would marry him RIGHT AWAY and be the happiest bride EVER.

Josh Holloway. Shag. It is obvious why. His tendency to lose his shirt every episode gets me every.fucking.time.


Kate Winslet. Kill. Nothing against you, sweetie, but I don’t like or dislike you. So cliff.

Cobie Smulders. Marry. Because she seems funny, and nice and cute and has lots of friends. I like attractive, confident, successful women. She’s got it all.

Ali Larter. Shag. THIS WOMAN GETS ME HOT AND BOTHERED LIKE NO OTHER. I’D HIT IT LIKE A RABBIT ON SPEED. Sadfha sexiest woman alive, I would soo go gay for her.

Emily Deschanel. Kiss. All I’ll say is: STEAMBOATS, FOLKS.

Annnnd, another meme, stolen from iikrisii  too.

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

This offer does have some restrictions so please read:
- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make (so no refunds, people!).
- What I create will be just for YOU & you are allowed to make requests; in fact, I'll appreciate if you give me some ideas.
- It will be done before 2011.
- It might be cookies, a mix cd, a necklace, an original haiku,fanfic, scarf, who knows! ('cause I'm pretty sure you don't like burned cookies or crappy poetry :P).
- You'll need to PM me your mailing address if you're one of the first 5, as I'm almost positive I don't live near any of you.

In return, all you need to do is repost this on your LJ and offer to make 5 things for 5 other people.
23rd-Dec-2009 12:41 am - Back
Home for Christmas.
9th-Dec-2009 09:12 pm - Tick Tick Boom
Fucking hell
If I receive one more LJ alert involving snowflake cookies, I’ll go psychotic.

EDIT: Guess what I just received *facepalm*
8th-Dec-2009 11:56 pm - I feel like Penny
Tomorrow [or today already *sigh*] I'm having my first college exam. It’s about Audiovisual Technology, the final one. And this has been my face during all the classes:

And this is the transcript:

Teacher: *technobabble technobbable technobbable*
Me: …. Huh?
Other students: *nod and write things down*
Me:Wait a minute. *to classmate* I thought this was about watching movies and being bohemian?
Teacher: Hey, you! The girl with the terror-striken expression! I hope you know about the properties of Sound and Bipolar Junction Transistors!
Me:… I can translate Latin?
Teacher: That's too bad.

There are no words to describe the way I am gonna crash and burn tomorrow.
30th-Oct-2009 10:24 pm - Fangirl Bliss

-and this-

-have made me insanely happy today.

Título: Reflexiones sobre un vaso de Whiskey

Pairing: Booth/Brennan.

Rating: Depende de cuán sensible seas a la mención de hombres semidesnudos en el saloncito de Brennan (Booth lo es. Y mucho).

Spoilers: Puede que a Booth le guste Brennan. Buuuuh, ¡te he espoileado la serie entera! SUE ME. Also, Sweets y Jared.

Warnings: Booth está al borde de una embolia, Brennan no pilla nada, menciones a Zombie!Jesús, demás blasfemias y asesinatos rituales especialmente macabros, Hodgins experimenta con un cochinillo y Booth y Brennan mantienen una conversación telepática como buenamente pueden. Un episodio normal, vamos.

Dedicatoria: Para

Resumen: En el momento en que la puerta del apartamento de Brennan se abre, Booth se encuentra con un dilema; a) quedarse en silencio y esperar que el sujeto caiga muerto por su propia cuenta, b) sacar la pistola y practicar el tiro al payaso que le ha hecho famoso o c) golpear primero y alegar defensa propia después.

No quiere más terapia y en la cárcel no tiene mucho éxito que digamos, así que se decanta por la primera opción y espera. Desafortunadamente, el tío semidesnudo que tiene delante no cae fulminado.


Booth sabe que debería salir pitando, pero busca a Brennan y por Dios que no se va sin ellaCollapse )


It's almost 4am and I just spent an hour standing in my room contemplating which posters I should take with me to Barcelona, no idea why. And then I felt the need to post this useless piece of information here.

Huh. That was weird.

15th-Jul-2009 09:16 pm - I don't even know what to say
I got accepted at the University I chose, so I guess that means I’m moving to Barcelona. Which means I’ll have to spent money to travel next week because I can’t do the paperwork online (not all of us live in Barcelona, fuck) and find shelter before I end up living under a bridge. 

Well, damnit. I had already forgotten what stress was.
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